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Volusia Launches School Bus Wi-Fi Pilot for Anytime, Anywhere Learning


DAYTONA BEACH – Students on bus route 131 will have the opportunity for mobile learning during their commute to and from school starting Monday, April 3.  Approximately 80 students who attend Pine Trail Elementary, Hinson Middle and Mainland High will be the first students in Volusia to be able to access to digital classroom materials and complete assignments online through the BYOT network while on the school bus.  The Wi-Fi network will be accessible on any device while on the school bus thereby providing free Wi-Fi for students' personal devices. 
Bus rules for student use of technology on route 131
  1. Students must use their own technology. No sharing or passing around devices.
  2. Students must use their own earbuds/earphones for any online activity that has sound.
  3. Students must not be engaged in any bullying behavior that involves the technology.
The impact of this pilot program will be measured through the collection monthly information on bus-related behavior referral data, number of students accessing the network, student completion of digital assignments and time-on-task for students accessing digital curriculum.
Five additional bus routes will be added later this spring. By providing a structured roll-out of Wi-Fi on school buses, the district will be able to extend learning beyond the classroom walls and close the "homework gap" that is present for students who do not have access to Wi-Fi at home.
Many students endure a commute of up to 60 minutes one way, and those hours add up over the year. Students end up spending hundreds of hours on the school bus during the school year. In addition to daily commutes, educational Wi-Fi on buses provides an opportunity for student athletes traveling to away games or students on field trips to take advantage of travel time and extend learning beyond the classroom.     

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