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    • Presentations-Workshops

    ​​BUDGET 2016-2017


     NEW***** FINAL BUDGET - September 13, 2016

    Final Budget Presentation

    Final Budget Book 

    Memorandum to Board 

    TENTATIVE BUDGET - July 25, 2016

    PowerPoint Presentation - Tentative Budget FY17

    Tentative Budget - Artifact 1

    Tentative Budget - Memo

    Tentative Budget Book



    Budget Workshop 1: ​​PowerPoint Presentation - May 17, 2016

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) GFOA Kick-off Presentation 

    Economic Outlook 2016

    Financial Update: PowerPoint Presentation -

    Where Did We Find The Money-Board Mtg 11-10-15​​

    Health Insurance PowerPoint ​​


    Final Budget - 2015-2016

    Summary Budget Memorandum 

    Final Budget Booklet

    PowerPoint Presentation

    District Advisory Committee

    Tentative Budget Presentation

    Tentative Budget - FY 2015-16


    Tentative Budget BOOKLET 2015-2016   

    Tentative Budget POWERPOINT Presentation 

    TRIM -  FY16

    ​​Capital Budget Presentation 

    Capital Budget- ARTIFACTS 

    Budget Workshop 4 - Reconciliation

    Budget Workshop 3 - May19, 2015 Presentation and Appendices​ 

    Health Insurance

    Employee Health Insurance Presentation

    Revision Sheet:  Triple Option - Option 3 (Funding POS and HMO at Renewal Rates) 

    Budget Workshop 1 - FY 2016

    Budget Presentation and Appendix 

    2014-15 FINAL BUDGET

    Final Budget PowerPoint Presentation -September 9, 2014

    Artifact 1 - General Fund Summary 

    Final Budget Booklet - With Summary Memo

    Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce Education Committee Presentation 






    2014-15 BUDGET WORKSHOP 2

    Presentation and Artifacts

    2014-15 BUDGET WORKSHOP 1


    Final Budget



    Tentative_Budget _FY14_72313Final.pdfTentative Budget - FY 2013-2014

    Summary-General Fund.pdfSlide 19 - Summary-General Fund

    Tentative Budget Booklet.pdfTentative Budget Booklet

     Budget Workshop 7

    BudgetWorkshop7_June11_2013.pdfAgenda and Budget Workshop - June11, 2013

    Artifact 1 - 2012/13 Approved Operating Budget Page

    BudgetWorkshop7_Artifact2AdministrativeAccountability.pdfArtifact 2 - Administrative Accountability

    CapitalBudget_FY14.pdfFY14 Capital Budget and Five-Year Program

    Artifact 1 - New Appropriations Request for FY14

    CapitalBudget_FY14_Artifact 2.pdfArtifact 2 - 2014-2018 Fiscal Forecast for Capital Outlay 5 Year Work Program

    ​Budget Workshop 6

    BudgetWorkshop6_Agenda_May142013.pdfAgenda - May 14, 2013

    BudgetWorkshop6_May 142013.pdfBudget Workshop Presentation

    Artifact 1 - FEFP FY14   

    BudgetWorkshop6_Artifact2_Retirement Projection-FY14.pdfArtifact 2 - Retirement Projection - FY14

    Budget Workshop 5 - Departmental Presentations (Continued)

    BudgetWorkshop_UPDATE_May7_AGENDA.pdfAgenda - May 7, 2013

    Instructional Services-Part 2 May 7 2013.pdfInstructional Services - Part 2

             ARTI 6 DA Requirements5-7-13.pdfArtifact 6 - DA Requirements
             ARTI 7 - ESE Assurances5-7-13.pdfArtifact 7 - ESE Assurances
             ARTI 8 IDEA Part B State Performance Plan Indicators5-7-13.pdfArtifact 8 - IDEA Part B State Performance Plan Indicators
             ARTI 9 Title I Part A5-7-13.pdfArtifact 9 - Title I Part A

    SUPERINTENDENT_BudgetWorkshop_Final.pdfSuperintendent's Presentation

    AreaSupt.pdfArea Superintendents' Department

    ProfStnds.pdfProfessional Standards

    CommInfo.pdfCommunity Information Services

    Budget Workshop 4 - Departmental Presentations (Continued)

    BudgetWorkshop4_Agenda_April232013.pdfAgenda - April 23, 2013

    HR_BudgetWorkshop_FollowUpPresentaion_April23 [Compatibility Mode].pdfHuman Resources Department - Follow-up Presentation

    Technology Services PMO Office Follow-up.pdfTechnology Services Department - Follow-up Presentation

    FINANCIAL_SERVICES_BudgetWorkshop4.pdfFinancial Services Department

    Instructional Services Apr 23 2013 - Partial Slides.pdfInstructional Services Department (Slides Presented on April 23, 2013)

             ARTI 1 - Acronyms.pdfArtifact 1 - Acronyms
             ARTI 2-What Functions are in the Curriculum Division.pdfArtifact 2 - What Functions are in the Curriculum Division
             ARTI 3  Red Book - Functions.pdfArtifact 3 - Red Book - Functions
             ARTI 4 TOA Type Positions ROUNDED FTE.pdfArtifact 4 - TOA Type Positions ROUNDED FTE
             ARTI 4 TOA Type Positions.pdfArtifact 4 - TOA Type Positions
             ARTI 5 CSIS Budget 7-Year History.pdfArtifact 5 - CSIS Budget 7-Year History

    Budget Workshop 3 - Departmental Presentations (Continued)

    BudgetWorkshop3_Agenda_April92013.pdfAgenda - April 9, 2013

    HR Budget 130313 [Compatibility Mode].pdfHuman Resources  

    TECHNOLOGYSERVICES_What do we do in Technology Services.pdfTechnology Services Department

    Budget Workshop 2 - Departmental Presentations

    BudgetWorkshop_2_March12_2013.pdfAgenda and Overview - March 12, 2013

    TRANSPORTATION_Budget presentation to board 2013 r-1 16-9.pdfTransportation Department

    FACILITIES_Updated_March122013 Budget Info Slides.pdfFacilities Department

    MAINTENANCE_2013-2014 Budget Workshop NEW(6) [Compatibility Mode].pdfMaintenance Department

    Budget Workshop Presentation and Artifacts

    BudgetWorkshop_Feb262013_FINAL.pdfBudget Workshop - February 26, 2013

          Artifact A - Major Initiatives

          Artifact B - Issues

          Artifact C - Revenue Sources

          Artifact D - Position Information

          Artifact E - Fiscal Policies

          Artifact F - FEFP Funding

          Artifact G - Millages

          Artifact H - Student Enrollment

          Artifact I - Budget Survey Results

    Presentation of Recommendation to Subcontract Custodial and Grounds keeping​ Functions

    CustodialAnalysis_PP_FINAL.pdfPresentation of Recommendation to Subcontract Custodial and Grounds keeping Functions

    ​FY13 Final Budget

    FINAL_Budget _FY12-13_Sept11,2012.pdfFY13 Final Budget (PowerPoint Presentation) 
    Memo_FinalBudget_Sept112012.pdfFY13 Final Budget - Memorandum with Budget Summary
    2012-13 Recommended Operating Budget.pdf2012-13 Recommended Operating Budget

     Millage Discussion

    Presentation held on August 24, 2012

    EggsAndIssuesMtg_August24.pdf"Eggs and Issues" Presentation

     FY13 Tentative Budget

    Tentative_Budget _FY12-13_July24,2012.pdfFY13 Tentative Budget 
    Memo_FY13_TentativeBudget.pdfFY13 Tentative Budget-Memorandum with Budget Summary
    2012-13 Tentative Operating Budget-1.pdf2012-13 Tentative Operating Budget

    District Millage Referendum Presentation

    Millage_Referendum_PP.pdfDistrict Millage Referendum Presentation

    General Fund Budget Update for FY13

    Budget UPDATE_June26SBMtg_FY13.pdfGeneral Fund Budget Update for FY13

    District Cost Differential (DCD) - FY13

    DCD_slides_PP.pdfPresentation with DCD Slides

    FY13 Capital Budget & Five-Year Work Program

    CapitalBudgetUpdate_May22,2012(1).pdfFY13 Capital Budget Update

    Special Principals' Meeting, April 27, 2012​

    Principals'_Mtg_April27_2012_2.pdfSpecial Principals' Meeting, April 27, 2012

    FY12-13 Budget Workshop

    Budget Workshop_2013.pdfFY2012-13 Budget Workshop
    This presentation was provided on April 24, 2012 at a budget workshop at DeLand Administration Center in DeLand, Florida.
    Please Note:  Since the budget workshop, the following two timelines have changed:
    • Approval to Advertise the Tentativ​e Budget and Millage Rates for 2012-13 will now be held on June 26; and
    • The dates for the displacement process have been changed to May 14-18.

    Project Oversight Committee

    FY12_FINAL-Report.pdfFY12 Annual Report

    In 2001, Volusia County voters approved a referendum adopting a half-cent sales tax for fifteen years, ending December 31, 2016; to fund the School District of Volusia County's approved ten-year plan to construct certain identified educational facilities.  The Referendum established the Project Oversight Committee to provide additional assurance to the citizens that the School Board is meeting its commitments and obligations.

    This eleventh annual report was presented at the school board meeting held September 25, 2012.


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