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    • Employee Assistance Program

    ​​​​​​​Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    The Volusia County Schools​ Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps employees resolve personal and work problems through professional assistance.  To view a brief presentation, please click on the following link:​​​​ VCSB Employee Assistance Program to view who can use it and how to access this assistance.

    Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  EAP is governed by HIPAA.  Below are some of the most common reasons to call the toll free number (1-800-272-7252):

    ​Marital/Relationship Issues ​Work Related Stress ​Emotional/Psychological
    ​Stress Management ​Legal/Financial Counseling and Referral ​Substance Abuse (Alcohol and/or Drugs)
    ​Parenting ​Physical/Medical ​Family
    ​Dependent Care (Child care as well as Elder care) ​Vocational related issues ​Work Life Webinars

    Aetna Resources for Living, our EAP provider, is available at 1-800-272-7252 or TDD 1-888-833-2017 or at mylifevalues​ .  (To log in, type: VCS and for your password, again type: VCS

    Other EAP resources you may find helpful:  

    EAP Employee Orientation Presentation-2012.

    Aetna Resources for Living (ARFL-2012).

    Everyday Help for Everyday Life (ARFL-2012).

    FREEAetna EAP Reso​urce for Living App

    ​Frequently Asked Questions About EAP

    Who can use EAP?  Generally, any regular employee and any household member (regardless of the relationship) is eligible regardless of job classification.

    Who will know if an individual uses EAP?  EAP is strictly confidential.  Governed by HIPAA, only the individuals receiving services can authorize the release of information.

    Can family members participate?  Yes.  Your employer recognizes that an employee's personal problems can affect the family and that the household's personal problems can affect job performance.  Therefore, household members are encouraged to use EAP as needed.

    What about the cost of EAP?  The cost of EAP is covered by your employer and provides for 1 to 6 visits per issue, unlimited issues.  No premium.  No co-pay.

    Who will a person talk to?  A professional EAP counselor will work directly and confidentially with the employee or household members to help resolve the problem.  In some cases, the EAP counselor's role will be to assist in determining what additional community resources can provide future assistance.

    How can I find out more about EAP services?  It's simple.  Visit  (To log in, type:  VCS and for your password again type in VCS.)  You will find useful information on a wide range of subjects. 

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