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Approved Software & Apps

​​Reviewed App List (iOS)

The iOS Reviewed Apps List is now accessible for district employees in the VPortal, under the Instructional Tools menu. District employees may also use this link on the district Intranet. Each school has a designated Apple Program Facilitator (APF). Teachers should work with school-based APFs on the process for downloading and installing iOS apps to district-owned iPads and iPod Touch devices.

Approved Software (Desktop Software)

All software installed on district computers must follow the software acquisition and installation process. The process is required if the software is new, an upgraded version, or was previously installed on a district computer without approval. Version upgrades must be evaluated to determine if district computers meet hardware and software requirements (such as memory, hard drive space, etc.) to run the programs.

Please refer to the link below for a list of district-approved software. If the software you would like to use is already approved and does not have specific licensing limitations, then you can proceed with submitting a Tech Request.

Approved Software List

Levels of Support

  • Gold - Approved District Strategic Software (Technology Services & Innovation-supported software); hardware may have the standard district image and is managed remotely by Technology Services & Innovation.
  • Silver - Non-Strategic District Recommended Software (Technology Services supports hardware and has verified the compatibility of the software); hardware may be connected to the network, but not managed remotely by Technology Services & Innovation.
  • Bronze - Non-Strategic Software (Technology Services has approved the software on current platforms only, but there is no support of software functionality or upgrade paths; hardware connectivity to the network is not guaranteed.

Software Approval Process (Desktop Software)

Please review the Software Acquisition Application.

Overview of the Process

  1. If you have checked the Approved Software List and the software is not listed, please complete the Software Acquisition form above and send it to Mike Cicchetti at
  2. Once the form has been received, Instructional Services and Technology Services & Innovation will review the technical capability and the curriculum alignment of the software.
  3. Technology Services & Innovation will then check the software and determine if district computers are able to support the software. In addition, Technology Services & Innovation will verify that the software does not conflict with any district software being used. The method of installation will also be addressed during this step.
  4. You will receive an email with the outcome of this request. If approved you will need to submit a Tech Request to have the software installed.
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