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Demonstrates Self Control

The behavioral areas embedded in the elementary report card serve the purpose of a broad screening measure for behavioral/mental health issues that may interfere with school success.  Schools should monitor individual, class, grade level, and school trends to determine how to be align resources to meet the behavioral and mental health needs of students. 

A student who is rated "satisfactory" in the area of self-control typically exhibits all or most of the following characteristics:

          Stays calm during stresful or challenging times
          Shows appropriate self-control under most or all circumstances
          Is typically positive in demeanor and attitude

A student who is rated as "unsatisfactory" or "needs improvment" typically exhibits all or most of the following characteristics:

          Often appears anxious or depressed
          Cries often
          Over reacts to minor situations or typical events
          Has frequent physical complaints with no basis
          Lacks self-control includes daily behavior report cards , behavior contracts, and interventions to address self- control.  In addition, the National Association of Schools Psychologists ( provides strategies for parenting positive children as well as strategies to address resileincy, anxiety, school refusal, stress, violent behavior, and ADHD. 

The following chart provides resources that are specifically linked to areas within the behavioral screening section of the elementary report card.‚Äč
VCS Behavior Supports

VCS Outlook Web Access
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