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Displays Work/Study Skills Needed to Learn

‚ÄčThe behavioral areas embedded in the elementary report card serve the purpose of a broad screening measure for behavioral/mental health issues that may interfere with school success.  Schools should monitor individual, class, grade level, and school trends to determine how to be align resources to meet the behavioral and mental health needs of students. 

A student who is rated "satisfcatory" in the area of work/study skills need to learn typically exhibits all or most of hte following behaviors:
          Completes acadeic work in a timely manner
          Follows directions
          Pays attention in class
          Typically on time for class and infrequently absent

A student who is rate "unsatisfactory" or "needs improvement" in this area typically exhibits all or some of the following behaviors:
          Does not follow directions or argues about instructions
          Turns in work late or not at all
          Turns in sloppy or incomplete work
          Is frequently absent or tardy
          Disrupts the class
          Complains about the work to be done
          Appears bored or uninterested
          Has difficulty transtioning from one activity to another
          Often forgets work or is unprepared

Intervention Central  includes study and organizatoin interventions, a daily homework planner sheet, homework contracts, and interventions for getting students to class on time.  In addition, the National Association of School Psychologists has links under the tabs "Families" and "Educators" that include strategies to help with homework, motivation for learning, and home/school communications.

The following chart provides resources that are specifically linked to areas within the behavioral screening section of the elementary report card. 

VCS Behavior Supports

VCS Outlook Web Access
VCS Staff Applications