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Initial Referrals for ESE

‚Äč"Initial Referrals for ESE" is included on the KEEP report as it reveals how many students are referred at an individual school each year for possible consideration as a Student with Disabilities (SWD).  While Florida typically has a 12% rate of SWD, Volusia County Schools exceeds that incidence rate.  For more information on the numbers of SWD at your school, please access the report ESE0007.  While schools are encouraged to access the PST system for struggling students, schools should monitor how many (and percentage of) students are subsequently referred for evaluation and if there are specific trends with reading, behavior by classroom and /or grade levels.  This information can be accessed by school administrators and PST chairs on the PST site for each school. This school wide data are helpful in intervening systemically as opposed to student by student.   The following chart is helpful in conceptualizing whether a problem may be a school or student level issue:

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