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Promotion in Danger/Retained Students

‚Äč"Promotion in Danger" is an important element on the KEEP report because it 1) identifies academically struggling students and 2) provides identification of those students who may be retained if academic performance does not improve.  Educators are encouraged to intervene immediatley when a student's performance is such that retention is being consdiered.  Note that in almost all instances, grade retention is not considered an evidenced-based intervention to improve performance.   In fact, Dr. John Hattie, in Visible Learning, has indicated that grade retention has a negative effect on academic performance of students. 

The following position paper on grade retention provides interventions for students in danger of being retained are for those who have been retained.  In addition, given the high stakes of grade retention, educators should ensure that students who are in the process of being considered for retention should be etiher referred to their school's Problem Solving Team or have interventions and progress monitoring data documented.

FASP Positon Paper on Grade Retention and Social Promotion

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