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Payroll Department

​​​The mission of the Payroll Department is to ensure that all employees are paid according to approved payroll and salary schedules and that necessary data, records, and reports are maintained and submitted in compliance with acceptable business and regulatory standards.  

The payroll staff is dedicated to providing quality customer service through a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Please go to Payroll​ Intranet  for more information.

Payroll Email Address

Direct Deposit Authorizati​on and Instructions

2016-2017 Payroll Schedules revised 8-10-16

Important information regarding new salaries

Greetings all employees! 

As promised, below is the link to a list of​ common questions you may have regarding the recent contract settlement and how it affects your wages and benefits. Please note the important dates highlighted. This will help guide you throughout the remainder of this calendar year as we begin implementing the salary and benefits changes.

If you do have questions, please remember that we are working diligently to complete all the raises and may not be able to respond immediately to your inquiries. There will be questions and possibly errors as we change the paychecks for over 7,000 employees and we appreciate your patience!

2016-17 AFSCME Wage and Benefit Change QA 

2016-17 VESA Wage and Benefit Change QA

2016-17 VTO Wage and Benefit Change QA

2016-17 Dis​trict Non-Bargaining Wage and Benefit Change QA


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