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Information/Procedures for Private Schools Requesting Psycho-educational Evaluations

​​​​​​Step 1:  ​​The private school should contact the Private Schools Office, Brewster Center.  The private schools office will send a Student Entry Form to the parent.  Other documentation includes:  Birth Certificate, Immunization Records, Record of Recent Health Examination conducted by a Florida physician, and Proof of Residence to the parent.   Once completed, the parent will return the student entry packet to the Private Schools Office. 

Volusia County Schools-Private Schools Office, Brewster Center

200 North Clara Avenue, Deland, FL 32720

(386) 734-7190, ext. 20756  

Step 2:  Upon receipt of the documents listed in Step 1, the Private School Office will assign the student an Alpha Identification number. ​ 

Step 3:  Upon receipt of the AID and zone school information, the private school can begin the Problem Solving Team (PST)* process for consideration of a psycho-educational evaluation through VCS. Private schools are held to the same standards as public schools with regard to pre-referral activities and therefore, it is required that the provided interventions are linked to the area of concern and are implemented with integrity. The private schools' district administrator is available and can​ provide direct assistance with the Problem Solving (PST) process when requested.  Assistance includes: determining the area(s) of concern, identifying appropriate research based interventions, finding manageable ways of data collections, and completion of the actual PST forms. 

Step 4:  Once the PST referral forms are completed, the entire referral packet is sent to the Private School Office at Brewster Center (see address above).  The private school should keep a copy of the original forms, as well as a log documenting when the packet was sent to the Private School Office Once the referral packet is received by the Private School Office, the following activities take place: ​ 

           A. ​If there is not a recent (within one year) sensory report,                                             screenings can be completed by VCS personnel at the child's zone                       school.  This can be arranged with assistance from the Private                               Schools Office. ​ 
           B. If the referral is incomplete or inadequate, the Private School Office                       will return the packet and work with the private school on referral                           completion.  

          C.  Upon receipt of the completed referral packet, the Private School     Office will scan its own copy and then send the original packet to the School Psychologist Office for processing and assignment. 

          D.  The Private School Office will send an electronic copy of the referral                       packet the District Placement Specialist at the student's zone school.​

*What is the PST (Problem Solving Team)?

The PST in each school building is a vehicle for requesting assistance, through research based interventions and close progress monitoring, for students exhibiting difficulties. Teachers/school personnel, administrators, parents, and/or community agencies may make referrals to the PST. The primary focus of the PST is the development and evaluation of effective interventions, strategies, and alternatives for students who are demonstrating academic and/or behavior problems.​

**Referrals for the Gifted program are coordinated through the Volusia County Gifted Programs Office.  386-734-7190, ext. 20463 or 20505.​**


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