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​​​​​​​​​​​Our Mission

To incorporate best industry practices and achieve economies of scale in the procurement of goods and services necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the School District.

Our Vision

To be strategic, proactive, manage sourced spend, total cost of ownership, manage suppliers, monitor contract performance, and case-driven sourcing for a holistic supply chain management.

Message from the Coordinator

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Volusia County School Board Purchasing and Warehouse Services website! Our goal is to provide our customers with a user-friendly and acce​ssible source of information 24/7. We are committed to leverage technology and incorporate best industry practices into our procurement processes. Feel free to drop me a line if we can make the process better.

Maria R. Kraft, MA, CPPO, CPPB,
Coordinator of Purchasing & Warehouse Services
386-947-8786 ​Ext. 50872

Purchasing Org Chart 

Doing business with the School District of Volusia County

To view, download and be notified of all competitive solicitations, please register at If you have any questions on registration, please contact VendorLink at 407-222-1885 or e-mail The School District of Volusia County looks forward to your continued interest.


Bulletin Board

Tabulations posted on the Bulletin Board are RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY. Items will not be awarded until Board action is taken on the scheduled board-meeting date shown in the upper left-hand corner of the tabulation, after the bid number. Any action taken on the part of the vendor prior to Board approval is done so at his or her own risk



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