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    • SAC Information

    SIP and SAC Timeline 2016-2017.docx

    A+ Recognition Information

    School Recognition Process.pdf​

    A+ Recognition Guidelines.pdf

    A+ Recognition Categories 

    Agenda and Minutes

    • Minutes must be uploaded following each meeting to the SAC Upload Site.

    SAC Meeting Punch List Template

    SAC Sign-in Sheet Template

    SAC Blank Agenda Template.doc​

    Sample SAC Agenda​

    Sample SAC Minutes 

    SAC Five Star Sign-in

    SIP Input


      • Bylaws must be reviewed and uploaded to the SAC Upload Site annually in October and updated as necessary. 

      ​​Climate Surveys

      District Advisory Council


      • SAC Election Window: April 17-May 17
      • New Membership Roster is official July 1 

      SAC Brochure Template

      SAC Brochure Template Spanish

      Election Packet 2014-2015.docElection Packet 

      SAC Election Results Roster​: Due May 19

      Membership Rosters

      • ​The SAC Membership must:
        • be comprised of 51% or more non-Volusia County Schools employees;
        • consist of a diverse makeup of varied ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic groups;
        • contain a variety of stakeholder groups including parents, teachers, support staff, students (for middle and high schools), principal, community members, and business partners.
      • The SAC Membership Rosters must be updated four times annually
        • Sept. 16 (to confirm SAC membership for the current school year);
        • Dec. 2 (to check SAC membership at the mid-year point);
        • April 7 (to confirm SAC membership before elections);
        • May 19​ (to update SAC membership for the coming year after elections).
      • Any member who has two consecutive, unexcused absences must be removed from the membership roster;
        • Each time SAC Membership is updated,  the following two forms must be uploaded to the SAC Upload Site by the dates above.

      SAC Membership Form 2013-2014.docSAC Membership Form ​​

      SAC Additions/Deletions Monitoring Form 

      School Improvement Funds

      Sunshine Law 

      • SAC meetings operate in the Sunshine;
      • All meeting agendas, including items to be voted upon, must be shared at least three days in advance with all SAC members;

      Sunshine Law FAQs


        SAC Contacts Training

        SAC Binders.docx

        Collaborative Partnering & Shared Decision Making​




        • Any action involving the expenditure of SAC funds must be voted upon;
        • Any action involving the School Improvement Plan must be voted upon;
        • Voting cannot occur unless a quorum is present ;
        • A quorum is defined as a majority of the membership roster.

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