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School Board Meeting Information

Regular School Board meetings are open to the public and generally held the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Board Room of the DeLand Administrative Complex, 200 North Clara Avenue, DeLand, Florida. Any meetings held at a different time or place are noted. School Board agendas are posted seven days before the meeting.

Note: The School Board occasionally holds Workshops, Special Sessions, etc. These meetings are noticed and will also be included under "Agendas & Minutes."

2017 School Board Calendar

2017 Regular School Board Meetings

January104:00 PM
January245:30 PM
February145:30 PM
February 28 5:30 PM
March285:30 PM
April115:30 PM
April254:00 PM
May 95:30 PM
May235:30 PM
June 275:30 PM
July25 5:30 PM
August85:30 PM
August225:30 PM
September125:30 PM
September265:30 PM
October105:30 PM
October245:30 PM
November75:30 PM
November14 Organizational9:00 AM
December125:30 PM
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