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    • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How does my child get a lunch number?
    A: Every student of Volusia County is issued a PIN from School Way Café upon enrollment. PINs must be used when students want to enjoy a breakfast, lunch or ala carte item from us.

    Q: Does my child keep this lunch number throughout elementary, middle and high school?
    A: Your child will keep the same PIN as long as he/she remains in the same school. If your child transfers to another school, he/she will be issued a new PIN. Students moving from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school also receive new PINs.

    Q: It’s the end of the year and there is money in my child’s account. What should I do?
    A: If your child is staying in Volusia County Schools, the account balance stays in the account to use the following school year.

    Q: We are moving and my child will be attending another Volusia County school. There is money in my child’ s account. What should I do?
    A: You may request a refund from the café manager at your child’s school. It is best to do this before you withdraw from the school. Requesting a refund after you withdraw your child will delay the refund.

    Q: My child is going to middle school next year and has money in her account? Will the money transfer to middle school?
    A: Yes.

    Q: My child qualifies for free meals. I received a telephone call telling me my child owed the cafeteria money. How could this happen?
    A: If your student purchased a meal before your application for free meals was approved, we are required to charge you full price, according to Federal Regulations.

    Q: A company is calling me telling me my check was returned at my child’s school? Is this a legitimate call?
    A: Yes, if the company is CheckRedi.

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