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    • Meals and Prices


    Spanish Breakfast
    Elem Lunch
    Spanish Elem Lunch
    K-5 K-8 Charter 
    Holly Hill Lunch
    Taylor Middle High


    Spanish Breakfast
    Elem Lunch
    Spanish Elem Lunch
    K-5 K-8 Charter
    Holly Hill Lunch
    Taylor Middle High

    School Way Cafe has been mandated by the USDA to adjust lunch prices.  The new federal regulations require the average lunch cost in our school district to rise over the next five years.  These changes are part of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

    • Elementary/Secondary Breakfast, Student:  $1.00
    • Elementary Breakfast, Adult:   $1.50
    • Elementary Lunch, Student:  $2.00
    • Elementary Lunch, Adult:  $3.25
    • Middle School Lunch, Student:  $2.00
    • Middle School Lunch, Adult:  $3.25
    • High School Student Lunch:  $2.25
    • High School Lunch, Adult:  $3.25
    • Reduced Price Breakfast:  $.30
    • Reduced Price Lunch:  $.40

     A La Carte Prices:

    Elementary Breakfast
    High School Breakfast
    Middle School Breakfast

    Elementary Lunch
    High School Lunch
    Middle School Lunch
    Adult Lunch

    There are four items available for breakfast and students must choose at least three of the four items offered.  There are five items available for lunch and students must choose at least three of the five items offered.  At breakfast, choices 1 & 2, and at lunch choices 1, 2, 3 with any combination of the fruit and vegetable choices, milk, optional extra, and bonus item contain 30% or less of calories from fat  averaged over the week.  These meals meet the Heart Healthy Guidelines.

    Charge Policy​/Alternate Meal

    Each school determines their own policy in how they handle students without lunch money.  Please contact your child's school for 

    Optional Pre-Payment Service

     On July 29, 2008, the school board approved a motion to enter into a contract with, an on-line credit card prepayment service for school meals.

    Parents may now pre-pay by credit or debit card for student meals and ala carte.  Please visit:  to participate or call (800) 479-3531.
    In order for parents to create an account on, they must know their student's  ten digit customer ID number.  Parents can retrieve the ID number from a tab on their Parent Portal accounts, labeled SW Café.  This is a web-based service that requires little interaction with the café manager.
    The  ParentPortal is a tool designed to enhance the communication and involvement of parents in their child's education  in Volusia County Schools. In addition to guiding you to your child's prepaid lunch account, the ParentPortal will allow you to monitor your child's progress in school by providing Internet access to grades, attendance, discipline, academic history, graduation verification, and standardized test results in a secure password protected environment.  Contact your school to sign up for ParentPortal.
    Please note:  There is no fee for parents to set up an account and view a meal history.  If parents wish to use myLunchMoney for pre-payment, there is a $1.95 per transaction fee.

    We Now Subscribe with CheckRedi for the Collection of all Insufficient Fund Checks

    Your check is welcome at Volusia County Schools. The District recognizes that occasionally a parent may inadvertently overdraw a checking account and a check may be returned by the bank. In order to recover these funds in a private and professional manner, Volusia County Schools has contracted CHECKredi, a company specializing in the collection of returned checks.
    Each check written to a school or the District must have the maker's name, address, and one phone number. When a person writes a check to a school or the District, the person writing the check agrees that, if the check is returned, it may be re-presented electronically on the same account for the full face amount and a fee established by Florida law.
    CHECKredi will contact you by mail and by telephone in order to make arrangements to pay before attempting to re-present the check electronically. Payments of the check and fee may also be made online at using a credit card, debit card or electronic check without any additional fees. For a convenience fee, payments may be made over the telephone at (877) 524-7334 by credit card, debit card, or electronic check. Payments cannot be made at a school or the District.


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