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The Direct Connection

March 20, 2017


Good Monday morning, Teachers, Staff and Administrators:


I trust that everyone enjoyed Spring Break and that you all have come back refreshed. For those of you who worked last week, I hope your time was productive with few of the usual distractions.  We enter the fourth quarter, with the end of the school year quickly approaching.  The last day for students is the Friday preceding Memorial Day, which coincides with the graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2017.  As educators, there are still many opportunities remaining in this school year to impact the lives of our students and to continue enabling them to fulfill the potential that each of them possesses.


Over the break, I read an article by Superintendent Robert Avossa of Palm Beach County.  He penned, “Potential has no zip code, income level, color, gender, disability or labels.  …Every student has potential and it should be the common denominator in all relationships.  What’s needed is a mindset based on assets, not deficits.” For this school year, no one knows a student’s present assets and potential better than their teachers. It would be worthwhile to look for ways to build on student assets over the next quarter, which will position them for future growth.


Thank you for the work that you do on behalf of our students. Have a productive week.


Kindest Regards,


Tom Russell


Conversations with and about students and their potential shift the conversations

away from the obstacles and toward the goals.

~Robert Avossa


Mr. James T. Russell
Superintendent of Schools
386/734-7190, extension 20210
Fax: 386/734-2842
Twitter: @jrussell_t

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