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Mr. James T. Russell
Superintendent of Schools

Tom Russell Superintendent 

Mr. James T. Russell
Superintendent of Schools

386-734-7190 ext. 20210
Fax: 386-734-2842


Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. It's a brand-new year, which means another opportunity to highlight the outstanding camaraderie and teamwork that keeps our district moving forward. That collaboration ties right into our new district theme: "Together We Can." This theme encapsulates what we are always striving for – "together we can" ensure that all of our students are receiving a superior 21st-century education.

School, family, and community partnerships are vital to a student's success. As individuals, we are great, but together, we can achieve great things. We are committed to work together with students, parents, staff, and the community because, together, we can go farther, become stronger, and accomplish the impossible.

Volusia County Schools follows three Guiding Principles that capture the spirit of the work within our district.  These guiding principles guide us to what is right and will also unite us together in service to our students. 

  1. Dedication to Increased Student Achievement
  2. Commitment to Finding Solutions to Problems
  3. Mutual Respect and Positive Relationships with All Stakeholders 

This year, three focus areas capture the priority areas of our work as they uphold the Guiding Principles. 

  • Building a Culture for Learning: Building positive relationships with students is the li nchpin for learning and student engagement.  There must be a commitment to building a culture of respect and positive relationships with all people; therefore, we must seek opportunities to know our students and their families.
  • Making the Instructional Shifts: This is teaching the Florida Standards with fidelity and providing rigor in the classroom that is appropriate to the level of each standard. It has been said that "no one rises to low expectations." While scaffolding and differentiation (personalized learning) will be necessary to reach students at their individual levels, we must continue to collaborate so that our students can achieve at the highest of levels.
  • Personalized Learning: Personalized Learning is designed to meet the needs of individual learners, which includes both students and adults. Personalized learning might look like small group instruction, virtual instruction, learning in pairs, blended learning, providing students choices about ways to demonstrate learning, or even project-based learning. 

As you can see, there are many pathways to opportunities and success for VCS students, and it requires all of us working together to make it a reality – Together We Can!


Tom Russell
Superintendent of Schools

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