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Volunteers (VIPS)

​​The Volunteer/Partnership Programs Department replaced the paper Volunteer Application with an online application through the Raptor System.

The application in electronic form can be accessed from the Raptor Kiosk or by using any type of computer. The link to the new online application is available under Resources (see right side of page). The online application is available in English and Spanish versions.

Online Application Instructions

  1. Visit the Volunteer & Partnership Program Department and/or school or district site of your choice and request that your identification, with photo, be scanned under the Visitor Module - an ID needs to be found in the Raptor Visitor Module before the volunteer approval process can be completed.
  2. Visit a Raptor Kiosk at any school or district site, click on the Application icon, complete the information, and submit the application. VIPS staff will review the application and the volunteer will receive an email when the application has been approved (1-2 day process).

NOTE: If accessing the application from a computer, proceed to complete the application online and submit it. Remember that the volunteer should have already visited the VIPS Department or school site of choice and scanned an ID. If not, the application will not be processed until the ID can be found on the Visitor Module. Once the volunteer has submitted the required ID, VIPS will then review the information submitted online and will be able to complete the application process.

Please do not fax your ID or any other information to Raptor or the VIPS Department.

Volunteers in Public Schools Information

The Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) program has served the school district since before the formal beginning of the program 40 years ago. VIPS involves all segments of the community and all age groups who help meet the needs of students through the enhancement of education. Volunteers work in every aspect of school operations. They assist in the classroom, school office, health room and special areas; provide one-on-one tutoring and mentoring to at-risk students; and work with PTA/PTSA, School Advisory Councils, Extended Day, academic enhancement programs, and extracurricular organizations.

Starting with 150 volunteers in 1978, VIPS has grown to over 37,000 
volunteers who gave 923,734 hours during the 2017-2018 school year. This translates to over $22 million dollars in accordance with Independent Sector's value of volunteer service. VIPS volunteers supplied a daily average of 5,132 service hours over a 180-day school year!

Visit Awards for information on our 2017-2018 Outstanding Volunteers.

For additional information on specific programs that utilize school volunteers visit the following programs:

To become a school volunteer, call your local school and ask to speak with the school's volunteer coordinator or call the district office.

NEW Volunteer Opportunity Listing

The district's Volunteer/Partnership Programs Department has initiated web-listings for "volunteer opportunities." The school-level volunteer coordinators are encouraged to submit their needs for volunteers and the district will advertise these needs through the listings. Currently the listing is small, but please check back again as our listings begin to grow. The purpose of this listing is to help match our Volusia County School volunteers to the needs of specific schools. If you are interested in helping with any of these needs, please contact the volunteer coordinator listed for the school.

Parents and community members - see listing here.

NOTE: This listing is an optional recruitment method for schools and does not reflect the needs for all schools. Volunteer applicants are always welcome to call the volunteer coordinator at any Volusia public school.

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