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Welcome to the World Languages Website!

​In today’s global environment, the knowledge of other languages and cultures is an asset. Every opportunity for language acquisition offers our students unique advantages for personal growth and future professional success. The study of a second language enhances the student’s ability to master critical learning skills necessary for academic success. 
What are the benefits of studying a second language according to language and brain research?
Reading Skills
Students who study a second language score higher in reading achievement: vocabulary, cognitive learning, and total reading ability.
Reading skills are transferable from one language to another.
Self Concept
The self-concept for language students is significantly higher than for non-language students. A survey of pupils, parents, principals, and classroom teachers shows the program had wide acceptance and support.
Cultural Enrichment
Students who study another language demonstrate a broader understanding of the ways that members of different societies handle circumstances common to all individuals.
Students score significantly higher on tests of creativity.
Communication Skills
Research shows that second language study enhances students' auditory discrimination and memory.
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